In-Patient Hospice Care


Our Medical Hospice Portfolio consists of nine (9) hospice facilities.  The hospice facilities provide end-of-life care for adult and pediatric patients with life limiting illnesses. The buildings provide comprehensive hospice services, including pain and symptom management, emotional and spirtual support for the patients and their families.

Five of the hospice buildings are operated by Doctor's Hospice of Georgia, the fourth largest provider of end of life care in the state of Georgia. The Doctor's Hospice locations are Fayetteville, Union City, Hawkinsville, Newnan and Cordele, GA. The 6th hospice building is located in Stockbridge, GA and is operated by Vitas Corp, the nation's largest provider of end of life care. The 7th hospice building, located in Winder, GA, is operated by Agape Hospice Care of Northeast Georgia. The 8th and 9th hospice buildings, located in Rome and Cartersville, are operated by Mt Berry Hospice, a subsidiary of Doctor's Hospice of Georgia.

Doctor's Hospice of Georgia:

  • Local physician supported and managed company
  • One of the larges in-patient hospice operators in Georgia
  • Over 250 Georgia physician membership with the company

Vitas Corp:

  • The largest hospice provider in the USA
  • Over 2 billion gross billing for hospice care annually
  • Has operated the Stockbridge, GA facility for 6 years

Agape Hospice Care of Northeast Georgia:

  • Rapidly growing, locally-owned hospice company
  • Operating home hospice and in-patient hospice for over 5 years

Fayetteville, GA


Doctor's Hospice of Georgia

1008 Highway 54 West

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Phone 770-692-3875

Fax 770-692-3876


•Built in 2011

Building consists of 11,000 sq ft 

Tenant - Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia

Area Hospital:  Piedmont Fayette Hospital



Piedmont Fayette Hospital 


Located less than 1 mile from the Hospice, Piedmont Fayette Hospital, a 172-bed community hospital, is among the most highly-ranked and awarded hospitals in the Southeast. Staffed by more than 1,430 employees and a medical staff of over 500 physicians, Piedmont Fayette has been named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals® five times according to Thomson Reuters – as well as one of the nation’s Most Wired Hospitals for six consecutive years in recognition of advanced patient care technologies. Last year, Piedmont Fayette had more than 98,000 outpatient encounters and over 61,000 Emergency Department visits.

Hospice Floor Plan

Section image floor plan


Section image arial locations

Union City, GA


3985 Flat Shoal Rd

Union City, GA 30291

Phone 770-692-4240

Fax 770-692-4247


Built in 2011

Building consists of 11,000 sq ft 

Tenant - Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia

Area Hospital:  South Fulton Medical Center



Administration Profile


Peter K. Lee, M.D.

Chief Executive officer and Medical Director


Dr. Lee has over 20 years experience in end-of-life care hospice programs. He has been a medical director for major national hospice companies, including Vista Care Hospice, Gentiva’s Healthfield

Hospice, Portsbridge Hospice, and Vitas Hospice.  He is also a Chairman for Doctor’s Hospice, Inc., which is a not-for-profit organization providing compassionate care to Georgians with terminal illnesses. The organization’s goal is to provide such care through a fully-equipped inpatient hospice center in every county in Georgia.


Dr. Lee is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also in Anatomic Pathology. He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at St. Vincent Medical Center  affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, CT, and finished a residency in Pathology at the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Lee is currently a Managing Partner and a Physician Member of Gwinnett Multi-Specialty Clinic and New Hope Medical Center. He was the Medical Director for Lake City Nursing Home, Sunbridge Nursing Home, and Arrowhead Nursing and Rehabilitation. He also works as the Chief Executive Officer for Atlanta Healthcare Property Consultants.





Cartersville, GA


5 Bowen Ct

Cartersville, GA 30120

Phone 770-607-8049


•Built in 2011

Building consists of 11,000 sq ft 

Tenant - Mt Berry Hospice

Area Hospital:  Cartersville Medical Center



Cartersville Medical Center


Located 3/4 mile north of the Mt Berry Hospice facility, Cartersville Medical Center has recently been recognized for excellence in quality by receiving the Leapfrog Group “A” Hospital Safety Score. Located just off I-75 (40 miles north  of  Atlanta  and  60  miles  south  of  Chattanooga)  in  beautiful  Cartersville,  Georgia,  the  facility  is  a fully-accredited, 112-bed general acute-care hospital providing medical, surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, emergency, orthopaedic and outpatient services and a regional cancer center providing radiation oncology.


Newnan, GA


2171 Hwy 29 N.

Newnan, GA 30265

Phone 770-252-4248  


Built in 2011

Building consists of 11,000 sq ft 

•Tenant - Doctor's Hospice of Georgia

Area Hospital:  Piedmont Newnan Hospital



Piedmont Newnan Hospital


Located 11 miles south of the Doctor's Hospice facility, Piedmont Newnan Hospital has been a cornerstone of wellness in Newnan, Georgia, providing high-quality, comprehensive healthcare. In 2012, Piedmont Newnan expanded to better meet the needs of Coweta County residents, opening a state-of-the-art 362,000 square-foot, 136-bed hospital. Piedmont Newnan also includes an advanced cancer center that offers complete therapy, disease management, prevention and wellness.




Our service and care to those at the end of life depends on those exceptional individuals who work with and for us every day.  If you would like to join our team in providing the best in hospice care to those in need, please fax your resume to the administrator of the In-Patient Unit that you'd be most interested in joining.

Positions Available:

RN's- Fayetteville, Macon, Rome and Hawkinsville, GA

Current Registered Nurse licensure in Georgia

Minimum 2 years clinical nursing experience

Minimum 1 year hospice experience

Candidate must be able to verbally exhibit understanding of the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the terminally ill patient and their family.


Demonstrates good interpersonal skills with patients, families, team members and other healthcare professionals

Foundation / Volunteer



Donate to Doctors Hospice Foundation. Doctors Hospice Inc. is a non-profit foundation that was formed to accept donations made by persons and businesses for the betterment of hospice care in the state of Georgia for all our patients in need of support, contributions enable us to help pay for exceptional end-of-life care and services to patients and families not covered by Medicare or other insurance. Individuals and organizations interested in making tax-deductible charitable donations can do so by mailing a check to Doctor's Hospice, Inc., 34 Upper Riverdale Road, Suite 100, Riverdale, GA 30274 or by leaving the check donation with the administrator of the In-Patient Unit of your convenience. 

Doctor’s Hospice Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that is committed to improving end of life care in Georgia. This is done by supporting local Hospice program providers with care and support through financial, personal and professional donations. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the state bodies with assistance through ongoing communications between them and our hospice professionals.

Please help us support this great movement by raising and sharing the news with family and friends. 


Be a volunteer for Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia hospice centers. Both administrative and patient contact opportunities exist for the interested person to donate their time for someone in need of extra time and care. Please call us at (770)670-5700 (toll free 866-943-3718) or use the contact us page for information on volunteering opportunities across the state.

Riverdale, GA


34 Upper Riverdale Rd.

Ste 101

Riverdale, GA 30274

Phone 678-788-8833

Fax 678-788-8855


Initiated operation in 2011

Operating in 45,000 sq ft building consists of 11,000 sq ft 

Tenant - Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia

Area Hospital:  Southern Regional Medical Center



Southern Regional Medical Center 


Located directly across the street from Southern Regional Medical Center, a 331-bed full service hospital managed by Emory Healthcare. Located in Riverdale, GA, the hospital serves residents throughout the region south of Atlanta and has been recognized on the state and national level for the quality of care provided. Southern Regional holds the distinction of being certified as an accredited ChestPainCenter and an AdvancedPrimaryStrokeCenter. SRMC is also recognized as an AccreditedCenter for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by the AmericanCollege of Surgeons. 

Our Mission


DOCTOR’S HOSPICE OF GEORGIA promises to provide the standard of care that all Georgians are promised and deserve.  Doctor’s Hospice will provide compassionate and high quality end of life care to our fellow Georgians.  This care will be provided through fully equipped inpatient hospice centers.  Our mission is to ensure that each patient will receive a complete program of physical, emotional, and spiritual care as well as 24 hour close monitoring.  They will be staffed by our team of dedicated hospice professionals who will put our patients first regardless of their ability to pay. Doctor’s Hospice will be the new face of Hospice in Georgia.

“To partner with families and friends as they search for peace, courage, dignity, and quality of care during their final season of life.”

We realize that the entire family is affected, that is why we take into account the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs of our patients and their families.  We want to be there for you and your family.  We all come to the end of our lives by different roads, but we all must walk one road home.  We at Doctor’s Hospice want to walk that road with you to ensure a most peaceful journey.



Is Hospice only for patients with cancer?

  • Hospice is for any patient with a terminal illness, which includes cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiac, lung or kidney disease, among others.

Is Hospice a place?

  • Hospice is a program of care and it is provided wherever the patient lives.

Does Hospice only provide care for the last days of life?

  • No one can predict exactly when the end of life will occur. Admitting criteria for hospice includes the physician certifying that a patient has a terminal illness with a life expectancy of six months or less to live, if the disease runs it’s normal course.  The disease may not run it’s normal course and the patient may live longer than six months.  The patient may remain on hospice.  Hospice care is more effective with pain management and comfort with early involvement..

Does Hospice provide euthanasia to patients?

  • The goal of hospice is to provide the patient with quality of life.  Hospice does nothing  to shorten life, but allows the disease process to take its natural course while providing pain management and comfort measures.

Does Hospice let people starve to death?

  • Food and fluid are always offered. During the dying process, food can actually be more painful rather than enjoyable. Hospice honors the wishes of the patient.

Do I have to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) to be on hospice?

  • A DNR is not required. Hospice does not take away choices. We have changed our decision from DNR to AND (Allow Natural Death) because that is more what we do in support of the families’ and patient’s wishes. We are here to answer your questions and to help you to understand the choices you have made.

Are all Patients put on morphine when death is close?

  • Morphine is often used for pain control, but not always. It depends on the degree of the patient’s pain at any given time.

Can Morphine stop a patient’s breathing?

  • Morphine is the druf of choice for breathing distress. It makes a patient with breathing difficulties more comfortable. For a patient to stop breathing because of morphine is extremely rare. Hospice starts patients out on small doses and titrates the amount (adjusts the concentration) increased in small, appropriate steps.

Are Patients on morphine too sleepy to function?

  • When morphine is first started it may cause a sedative effect, but usually within 72 hours the patient adjusts and is no longer drowsy. Patients are often more alert because of their pain relief.

Should a patient wait until pain is bad to take morphine so it will be more effective when it is needed?

  • One of the benefits of morphine is that there is no “ceiling” and it can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.

If a patient takes morphine, will they become addicted?

  • Morphine is used to control pain. Once the patient’s pain is under control they do not desire more opioids, only that, that is necessary to make them comfortable.

Does Hospice provide 24-hour care?

  • Hospice care is intermittent. When 24-hour care is required, hospice assists the family in finding placement for the patient.

If a patient lives alone, are they ineligible for hospice?

  • As long as the patient is safe, he/she may live alone. Once it is no longer safe hospice will assist with finding home assistance or other placement.

Once on Hospice, can a patient continue seeing their primary care physician?

  • Your physician may remain the primary physician for you. Our medical director is also available to assist with pain and symptom management.

Do patients still go to the doctor or the hospital if on hospice?

  • One of the advantages of hospice care is that the patient does not have to make frequent trips to the doctor’s office. However, on occasion hospitalization may be required for certain situations regarding hospice care or for medical issues that are not related to the hospice diagnosis.

Will Hospice change or discontinue all medications when admitted?

  • The medications are reviewed by the medical director with recommendations according to the patient’s symptoms and medical needs. The staff and the patient work together to determine what works best for each individual patient.

When a patient is put on hospice, do they no longer have hope?

  • While there may not be hope of a cure, hospice helps the patient to have hope as it relates to his/her terminal illness. Hospice makes the journey easier for both the patient and family.



Hospice Services


Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia promises to provide the standard of care that all Georgians are eligible for and deserve.  Our care will be fully compliant with Georgia State and Medicare rules and regulations as required.  We will care for your loved ones with professional and experienced hospice staff including Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants, Spiritual Care Coordinators, Counselors, Physicians, Volunteers and more.

Our professional staff and volunteers work with the patient and their family circle to customize the best plan of care possible utilizing these services.

  • In-patient hospice units for acute care needs and/or scheduled family or caregiver respite and symptom control
  • Bereavement support and follow-up for family and friends
  • Medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen, wheelchairs and more
  • Medications and medical supplies needed to keep patients comfortable and stable in support of their hospice diagnosis
  • Access to care professionals 24 hours a day for patient and family

Home Hospice Care


Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia provides home hospice care services including but not limited to Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants, Spiritual Care Coordinators, Volunteers and Physicians.

We understand that for many patients, they receive comfort being at home. We support your decision to keep your loved at home as long as possible. Should the need arise; we can transfer the patient to our in-patient facility for continued care. Once the situation stabilizes the patient may return home to the surrounding that make them most comfortable.

Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia is licensed to provide home care in the following counties: Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Floyd, Fulton, Gordon, Gwinnett, Heard, Henry, Paulding, Pike, Polk and Spalding.

Doctor’s Hospice of Georgia is licensed by the State of Georgia, license # 056-0323-H.

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Administrative Offices:

34 Upper Riverdale Rd., Ste 100

Riverdale, GA 30274


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